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Children & Families Partnership Plan - 2016-2019

The Children and Families Partnership Board is pleased to publish our Partnership Plan for the period 2016 to 2019.

In our previous strategic plan we set out a commitment which underpinned our work and guided our plans and strategies.

In reviewing this, we have revised and expanded the commitment to reflect our current priorities and concerns. Though much has changed in North Somerset during the life of the strategy, it is notable that the key themes remain relevant and that the strategy enabled us to focus our effort and resources on real improvements for children and families through very challenging times.

Our commitment to children and young people as part of the strategy has guided how we have attempted to involve, engage and respond to them. 

The new plan was developed by our partnership in conjunction with children and young people, and sets out the high level priorities, actions and impact measures for children's services development across five key outcome areas: Be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and achieve, Make a Positive contribution and Achieve Economic wellbeing. The plan also sets out actions which the partnership will take ensure that support is provided for parents and carers.

Where can I find the plan?

The Children and Families Partnership Plan can be downloaded below. If you need the document in other formats, please contact us at

Children and Families Partnership Plan 2016-2019 (pdf) 

What happens next?

The Children and Families Partnership will now manage and deliver the priorities outlined in the plan. We will do this by using our joint resources carefully, and ensuring that we meet our shared outcomes. We will publish a review of the plan each year to ensure that you can see what we have achieved and where more work is required.

How can I comment on the plan or the review process?

We continue to welcome your views on the plan, and these will be considered as we begin the process of managing its delivery and reviewing our progress. We are particularly keen to hear from children and young people in North Somerset about their experiences. Please send your comments to