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People & Communities Board

North Somerset's Health and Wellbeing Board and Safer Stronger Partnership working together.

The People & Communities Board brings together work areas around children and families, community safety, health, housing, social care and stronger communities. 

This board brings together the Children & Families Partnership, the Health & Wellbeing Partnership and the Safer, Stronger Partnership and has a number of statutory duties including the statutory functions of a Health and Wellbeing Board and Community Safety Partnership.

The North Somerset People and Communities Board brings together a range of partners from across public and voluntary services who are working together to reduce inequalities and improve the safety, health and wellbeing of local residents.  This board fulfils the statutory duties of a Health and Wellbeing Board and a Community Safety Partnership.  (As previous email)  responsibilities include:

  • Produce the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
  • Develop and implement the People and Communities Strategy, bringing together the Safer Partnership Plan, the new statutory Health & Wellbeing Strategy and the Children & Families Partnership Plan
  • Lead on public involvement in health provision
  • Strategic coordination of safeguarding functions for adults and children
  • Involvement in development of and sign off for commissioning plans as appropriate and promoting joint commissioning where possible

The Board has recently revised its priorities to reflect local challenges and opportunities.  This work has informed a new People and Communities Strategy (pdf) which was adopted by the board in March 2017. The strategy does not seek to include all current activity relating to community safety and health and wellbeing. It focusses on what can best be achieved by working effectively together to meet local needs and enable people to live safe, healthy and independent lives.


The People & Communities Board membership (pdf) meets the statutory requirements for a Health and Wellbeing Board, the requirements for duties placed on the Responsible Authorities Group under Community Safety legislation and the requirements for statutory duties for children & young people. In addition, the new board has invited representation from other key organisations across sectors to ensure that membership reflects the breadth of the work programme.

The chair of the People and Communities Board is Cllr Nigel Ashton, and the vice chair is Dr Mary Backhouse.

Board meetings are held every other month and the notes and papers from meetings are available.

If you would like to contact the People and Communities Board contact: